20 Photo Editing Software for Beginners

Nowadays, every photographer should know how to use photo editing software. Fortunately, there are so many applications that you’ll certainly find something you like. Some of them will provide you with access to amazing features and opportunities, while downloading of others may be just a waste of your time or even money.

Fortunately our list will help you to choose the best of the best. Especially it’ll be useful for beginners because each of the apps is easy to use, has a user-friendly interface and can provide you with all the necessary tools to transform your pictures into the real wonders.

1. Luminar

This new photo editor has already become popular with both professionals and beginners. First of all, there are no monthly subscriptions, so you’ll need just to pay a one-time flat fee to get access to all features of this wonderful app.

The great fact is that Luminar has advanced AI that can quickly improve your pictures and remove all flaws. It’ll fix toning, brightening and clarity automatically providing you with the opportunity to save your time. Besides, the app has different unique filters such as Orton or Sunrays filters.

Luminar is also a great choice for owners of drones. It can offer them all the necessary tools to create breathtaking aerial pictures. And take into account that you can use this app as a plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom or Apple Photos. It’ll certainly become a useful complement to these photo editors.

2. Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is another one awesome photo editor developed by Adobe. Due to its clean interface, it’s not a problem to start using it just right after downloading. Besides, its wonderful features will help you not only improve your images but even turn them into real art.

The app offers a variety of different effects, brushes, professional fixing and blurring tools. Lightroom can even improve your pictures automatically, just push one button and wait for a couple of seconds. Additionally, the face detection feature will help you with the organization of your photos. And take into account that this photo editor is available both for PC, Mac and mobile devices.

3. Capture One

This is a RAW image editor developed by Phase One. The app can provide you with a variety of useful tools and options. Users can adjust the layout and create their shortcuts. Also, it’s possible to make notes both for yourself or other users. This is useful if you work on a project together with other photographers or designers.

The app offers you a lot of layers and different ways to adjust them. Besides, it has an advanced colour editing feature. Use it to adjust the granularity of colour changes. Also, the app’s performance is great. It can handle even large RAW files without any lags or errors. And the opportunity to pay a onetime flat fee to get this awesome program is another one benefit of Capture One.

4. Adobe Photoshop

Probably, any photographer, whether they are beginners or professionals, has heard about this photo editor. Its retouching, layering and masking tools can help you to improve your images’ quality and remove all imperfections. In addition, you can find tons of different online lessons and guides that will help you master your photo editing skills.

Also, Adobe Photoshop has such benefits as a variety of filters and brushes, multi-layer editing feature and the opportunity to work with 3D models. The last one will be especially useful for people who want to create amazing illustrations.

5. On1 Photo RAW

On1 Photo RAW is a free photo editor that will satisfy all needs of beginner photographers. It can be used on any device and is easy to download. Also, choosing this app you get 170 wonderful effects and advanced photo editing tools. There are hundreds of custom presets, textures, borders and stackable filters. In addition, you can install On1 Photo as a plug-in for Photoshop, Aperture and Lightroom.

6. PicMonkey

If you are looking for a simple app to start learning photo editing, you definitely should have a look at PicMonkey. Use it to edit your photos and create wonderful collages. This app offers any manipulations with the pictures, so only your imagination will be the limit.

PicMonkey also can size your photos for the social media accounts. This feature will be extremely useful for Instagram bloggers. In addition, the app offers a free trial. So, if you still have any doubts whether to buy it, you’ll get enough time to test all its features and make a final decision.

7. Corel PaintShop Pro

This app is a great choice for people who want to get simple, but effective software to improve their photos. First of all, Corel PaintShop Pro is available for all platforms. Furthermore, it’s an online editor, so you can use it wherever you go.

Although you need to purchase this app, you won’t regret about such decision because it’ll provide you with everything you need to step up your pictures’ quality. The app offers a variety of brushes, textures and backgrounds. Besides, it’s possible to use it for editing 360-degree photos and create different graphic elements. And such options as blur and fix tools are other benefits of this great photo editor. Furthermore, its developers constantly improve their software and provide clients with new features.

Take into consideration that there is only a one-time flat fee, so this app is a great choice for the ones who don’t want to spend money on photo editing software every month. In addition, friendly UI and tons of different learning tutorials will certainly help any beginner to master their skills.

8. Canva

In case you are looking for a free photo editor, you should check Canva. This graphic design software can provide you with access to the range of amazing templates, photo editing tools, stickers, badges and textures. Canva is a wonderful app not only for photographers and graphic designers but also for the owners of blogs and Instagram accounts. It’ll surely help you to amaze anyone with your pictures.

Additionally, this simple editor can be used to add text to your photos. It has such useful features as image cropping, straightening and advanced automatic photo enhancer. 

9. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate

This is one of the newest photo editors at the market, so a lot of people still don’t know about its existence. The app is a combination of simple UI and wonderful features for improving your photos.

It has such great feature as facial recognition that will help you index and organize all your pictures. Also, ACDSee can edit source files without the necessity to import them. And it stands to mention that both one-time purchase and monthly plans are available for the users of this app.

10. GIMP

GIMP is a popular free image editor. It won’t take a lot of time to download and install it. The app has features that can help you to retouch your pictures, create beautiful photo compositions and organize all your graphics files. Plus, it’s possible to use it to create image authority. 

The app is great for editing images of all formats. Also, it works on all popular operational systems, such as Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s possible to find tons of useful plug-ins for this app on the Internet, so you’ll be able to edit your images just as you want. And its corrective mode, digital retouching, clone and touch-up tools will significantly simplify your work.

11. Serif Affinity Photo

This is a peer competitor of Adobe Photoshop. It has completely the same features and even analogous interface, so if you’ve used Photoshop previously, it won’t take a lot of time before you get acquainted with this app. 

It works on MacOS, Windows and iOS devices. Serif Affinity offers such amazing opportunities as 360-degree image editing, PSD editing, HDR merge and panorama stitching. In addition, it works with massive image files without any lags or crashes. Serif Affinity has a huge library of various brushes and even provides with the possibility to create custom brushes. And on the Internet, you can find tons of different plug-ins for this app that will provide you with access to new photo editing opportunities.

Also, this app is great for creating professional vector images and pixel art. And one of its main advantages is the opportunity to pay only a one-time flat fee to purchase this photo editor.

12. Fotor

Fotor is another one free online photo editor. Now more than 300 million people use it every day to improve their pictures. Also, if you have a poor Internet connection, you can download a free desktop version to work without any lags. The app allows users to work with RAW files and combine different images in layers. 

This photo editor has a range of HDR effects, filters and templates. It offers such useful tools as portrait retouching and photo editing suite. If you use the online version, all that you need to do is to upload your pictures and start editing. In case you need to stop working, the changes will be saved and you’ll be able to continue whenever you want. And, of course, simple interface makes this app a great choice for beginner photographers and amateurs.

13. Inkscape

You should check Inkscape out if you are looking for professional but, at the same time, free photo editor. This app can work on both Windows and Mac OS. Also, you can create your photo editor using Inkscape, because it has open-source code. 

The app has so many features necessary to create beautiful photos. You can overlay text, add colours to your images or clone objects. Besides, it’s possible to download a different extension that will make Inkscape even better and provide it with new useful features. 

14. DxD Optics Pro 10

DxD Optics Pro 10 is an excellent alternative to popular photo editors. It’ll certainly amaze you with its smooth work and clear interface. You can use this app to work with RAW files and convert them to JPG. At the same time, it’s designed with U Point local adjustment technology and a wide range of different photo editing tools. 

Besides, the app offers the opportunity to use both automatic and manual modes. The first one will be really useful for beginners while professionals can choose the second mode to edit their pictures on their own. The app offers a free 30-day trial. It’s just enough to get acquainted with this wonderful photo editor and decide whether you like it or not.

15. PortraitPro

If you want to learn how to create beautiful portrait pictures, PortraitPro is the right choice. This app has everything you need to work with such type of photos. Its tools are perfect for skin tone editing, wrinkles and blemishes removing and eyeshadows adding.

In addition, PortraitPro has tons of makeup tools and advanced layering options. No doubts, this is an irreplaceable app for any photographer. With its help, you’ll get a chance to satisfy your clients, friends or family members with beautiful portrait photos.

16. Snappa

Snappa is online software for work with graphics and design. With the help of this app, you can easily turn your photos into awesome banners for social media. Also, you can use it to improve the quality of images in your blog.

All that you need to do is just to drag your photos, drop them and add the effects you want. In a couple of seconds, your image will be edited. Additionally, the app can offer you a lot of stock photos and the opportunity to share your works on your social media accounts.

17. Pixlr Editor

This is a unique photo editor that can satisfy not only beginners but also professionals. First of all, you can use the online version of this software. At the same time, you can download desktop and mobile apps. That’s why with Pixlr you can work on your projects wherever you are.

The photo editor will provide you with more than 2 million free effects, unique filters and overlays. It allows creating real pieces of art without spending a lot of your valuable time. Besides, you always can purchase advanced version to get more wonderful features.

18. Photolemur

Do you want to amaze anyone with your beautiful photos, but don’t have enough time to edit them and improve their quality? Fortunately, there is Photolemur, photo editing software that uses advanced AI to work with your pictures automatically. 

The app is great for improving portraits. Its Face Finish technology can smooth skin, remove all flaws, whiten teeth and enhance eyes. Everything will be done by Artificial Intelligence, so just wait for a couple of seconds and enjoy the result.

Also, Photolemur can turn your landscape pictures into real breathtaking wonders. Sky and foliage enhancement, colour recovery, exposure compensation – all these features will help your photos play out in fresh colours. The app’s AI will analyze each detail, so you can be sure that the improved photos will meet the highest standards.

Photolemur can work with several images at once. Plus, it offers access to the library of amazing photo effects. Both users of Windows and Mac OS can use this app and its tech requirements aren’t too high. And at the official Photolemur website, you can see the images posted by other users to make sure that this software is worth its money.

19. Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR is an award-winning app that will help you to enhance your pictures in a couple of minutes. Its AI will take care of halos, chromatic aberration and other flaws.

Besides, it provides users with more than 20 amazing photo editing tools such as details enhancement, HDR Denoise and polarizing filter. Use each of them to get the best results. For example, HDR Denoise will recognize noise on your photos and remove it. Notice that the image quality won’t be affected during this process. And with the help of special HDR Clarity feature, you can improve the picture’s clarity. AI will add contrast to certain details without touching the whole image.

Aurora can work as a standalone app or as a plug-in for such popular photo editors as Photoshop, Lightroom and Apple Photos. It supports RAW files and can work with several images simultaneously. Also, the app will provide you with more than 80 different looks, powerful layers and blending modes. Aurora HDR is one of the best photo editors for beginners. It’ll help them create beautiful landscape photos without the necessary experience.

20. AirMagic

Although there are many amazing photo editors in the list, this one is the best for working with aerial photos. The app uses advanced AI to improve your images, so all that you need to do is just to import your pictures and wait. 

The unique technology will automatically hide haze that may hide a lot of important details. Also, it can boost colours and enhance the sky. After all, these change your photos will be just perfect.

The app supports RAW files and can work with several images simultaneously. It’s automated, so you can spend your time to do more important things while technologies will take care of your pictures. Besides, Airmagic can help you save your money. It offers a variety of wonderful styles, so now there is no need to buy special filters for your drone’s camera.

It can work as standalone software or you can use it as extensions for Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop or Apple Photos. Besides, the app can adapt to the peculiarities of your drone’s camera and will take them into account while editing pictures. If you adore taking aerial photos but don’t have enough time or experience to edit them, this app is just for you.

Probably, it’s impossible to choose only one photo editor. Each of them has its benefits and it’ll be a great idea to try out all of them before you make your final decision. Also, it’s important to take into consideration the technical characteristics of your device before downloading photo editing software. Besides, it’ll be a good idea to watch video guides about photo editing. With their help and great photo editing software even a beginners will be able to create top-quality images.

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