JOC Master Shutdown

Supporting almost all versions of Windows Operating System, JOC Master Shutdown enables to stop the computer running automatically. This task can be performed remotely.

Key Features

Automatic control: JOC Master Shutdown can hibernate, suspend or lock a computer mechanically without the users’ intervention. Remotely, the computer can even be shutdown and reboot any a time previously defined by the user.
Remote control: if one or several computers are in a LAN domain, this program can shut or reboot it remotely using the command line mode. A click on a button is enough to activate the control. Apart from that, it can also be scheduled.
Autologon: JOC Master Shutdown enables users to enter a computer without having to type for the login. Thanks to this, the administrator of the LAN network can shutdown all computers within it. Once again, command line is supported.


  • JOC Master Shutdown supports command line for scripting.
  • It is endowed with a sleek interface encouraging a better handling.


  • As a trial version, it is limited in terms of date.
  • It is not available in other languages than English.