Duplicate File Hunter

Duplicate File Hunter can optimize the detecting and removing of all duplicates stored on the whole computer. It can be an image, a video or whatever document of any type.

Key Features

  • Search option: to start with, the user will have to select the whole computer or directories to begin the duplicate scan. In a matter of seconds, after pressing on the "Enter" key, the result will appear on the main interface.
  • Duplicate removing: while results are on the interface, the user is then given the choice to delete a duplicate or not. Note that for this option, deleting in mass is possible. A double-click on a file enables to open a file directly.
  • Display: after the scan, Duplicate File Hunter can display information related to each duplicate file regardless its type. The name of the data together with its extension, its path, size as well as CRC32 are displayed thee. Note that files are grouped together depending on their file type.


  • Duplicate File Hunter is a useful tool for removing duplicates and freeing up space on the hard drives.
  • The report can be printed and exported to HTML.


  • This is a trial version.