Ghost Clock

This software named Ghost Clock gives you an alternative way to manage time by displaying it in front of your eyes instead of looking at the corner of your computer screen. Although this kind of program is being usual nowadays, it is still worth giving it a try given that it is entirely free.

Key features

  • Clock: as you guessed, Ghost Clock is a desktop widget which is displayed on the right middle of your screen. The program consists in floating transparent clock which comes with customizable settings.
  • Appearance: despite its simplicity, Ghost Clock includes plenty of setting which can be edited depending on user’s will. For instance, you can change fonts, colors and background. You can also choose from two appearances: digital or analog.
  • Transparency: at last, according to your preference, Ghost Clock transparency can be set following a gradual disappearance scale. Then, if you do not want to be disturbed, you just set its display to a transparent mode.


  • Ghost Clock downloading and use are entirely free.
  • It is simple to handle.
  • It will give an original touch to your computer screen.


  • It only supports one Operating System.