Uninstall Tool

Using the conventional method to uninstall Windows software can be helpful, but sometimes a little bit slow. Uninstall Tool can be used to uninstall applications in a matter of minutes and without slowing down the computer.

Key features

  • Categorization: this software is able to display all applications that are installed in the computer system. To facilitate viewing them, it is categorized into three parts namely applications, systems and hidden programs.
  • Uninstall: to start with, users just have to select the application to uninstall and click on "Uninstall selected application" and that is all. It may happen that some applications resist to this deleting process but Uninstall Tool can remove them by force.
  • Interface: Uninstall Tool is endowed with a very clear interface making it easy to handle. The window is divided into two parts, the right one for installed applications and the left for actions to carry out.
  • Portable: Uninstall Tool is a handy tool since it does not require any installation. Indeed, it is a portable application that you can put in a removable storage media and run just after that.


  • It is available in several languages including Russian, French and even Hebrew.


  • This trial version expires after 30 days of use.