Smart Fast PC

Smart Fast PC is a tool enabling to clean and optimize the computer system. It also enables to protect your privacy while surfing the Internet.

Key Features

  • Windows registry: Windows registry stores Microsoft Windows’ settings and options that can slow down the computer running. Smart Fast PC, once installed, finds and removes all unecessary registry items in order to keep your computer optimized and clean.
  • Internet browsing: since it is a cleaning tool, Smart Fast PC also performs the cleaning of all recently visited websites, Internet chat conversations, downloaded videos, photos and images.
  • Optimization: removing all sources that slow down the computer system optimizes its performance. Thanks to this process, the application boosts Windows startup and also removes unwanted programs.
  • Interface: with an intuitive and graphical user interface, finding and removing leftover items become trouble-free. It directly displays the numbers of items to clean and optimize your PC.


  • Smart Fast PC is accurate and efficient.
  • This application can fix some errors that can affect the computer system.
  • It offers optimization report which identifies all potential optimization measures.


  • It is a shareware version.