Google Satellite Maps Downloader

The functionality of Google Satellite Maps Downloader is to download locally sections of images taken by the Google Maps service, so that we can specify a series of coordinates and the program will take care of cutting the entire fragment into smaller images as if it were a grid.

Key Features

  • The program allows you to select the latitude and longitude of each side of the total rectangle
  • Choose as well a degree of zoom for the capture.
  • The output files can be reassembled to form a big image in BMP format for use in our personal projects.
  • The coordinates and cut sections of the output grid will be stored in a change log.
  • The program has its own saving format, which we will be able to load later and visualize our map in pieces as if it were a complete plan.

Is It Free?

The software is free of charge

Is It Safe?

It is safe and easy to use