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20 Photo Editing Software Programs Even a Beginner Can Handle

The choice between numerous photo editors might seem tricky for all kinds of creators, from beginners to experts. The reality is that the tools don’t vary too much across programs, so the only thing that actually matters is your impression of the product. 

Discover the 20 best editing programs for creators of all levels and with all skill sets. You’ll find both expensive professional tools and their cheap analogs — and even completely free applications. Pay attention to the details we review for each piece of software. Some of them might spoil all the pleasure of using the photo editor for you; therefore, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making your choice. Continue reading


20 Photo Editing Software for Beginners

Nowadays, every photographer should know how to use photo editing software. Fortunately, there are so many applications that you’ll certainly find something you like. Some of them will provide you with access to amazing features and opportunities, while downloading of others may be just a waste of your time or even money.

Fortunately our list will help you to choose the best of the best. Especially it’ll be useful for beginners because each of the apps is easy to use, has a user-friendly interface and can provide you with all the necessary tools to transform your pictures into the real wonders.

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The Best Free and Cheap Photo Editing Software for Mac Users 2020

Cameras on smartphones continue to get better every year. Combined with the wide range of mobile editing apps, it’s easier than ever to simply snap, edit, and post to your social media. However, smartphone cameras are still limited. If you want to really take your images to the next level, you’ll need to shoot with a digital camera. 

Whether hobbyist or professional, every photographer will reach a point in their career when they realize they need a photo editor on their computer. Photographs straight out of the camera are always a bit lackluster, and something as simple as increasing the contrast can instantly improve them. Luckily, there is a wide range of cheap and free photo editing software for Mac to choose from. Some offer basic adjustments and a collection of filters, while others have all of the advanced tools needed for professional work. 

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80+ Best Photography Books

Photography is something that takes a lot of time to master. Some people are born with the skill of seeing things in a unique way and turning them into amazing photographs while others find that they need some inspiration or guidance to improve their photography skills. For such people, there are countless photography books available online that help them with various aspects of practicing stunning digital photography. And we have boiled the number to just over 80 in our collection of the best photobooks you can get for your money.

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Why Pay for Photoshop when you have Free Alternatives?

Photoshop, undoubtedly, is one of the most popular image editors being used by photographers around the world today. It’s a powerful piece of software that enables photographers to not only fix issues with their photos but also edit them as creatively as they want to. Features like the Heal Tool and the Clone Stamp Tool have become a staple in many professional photographers’ workflow because of how easy they make it to edit out unwanted items from photos or fix annoying issues like specks of dust etc. 

However, Photoshop is not an inexpensive program. It has a monthly subscription that can add up to quite a lot of money over a number of years. It’s also not an easy software to get used to if you’re a newcomer to photo editing. So, why not take a look at some free Photoshop alternatives? Whether you want a free way to get done what Photoshop can do or a simpler photo editor that better fits your needs, here are some of the best free Photoshop replacements to consider:

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Use These Apps to Edit Images on your iPhone

If you have one of the newer iPhone models, you must already be aware that you have a very powerful camera in your pocket pretty much at all times. This is great for those of who you like taking photos not only for fun but also for your social feeds like Instagram. With such good cameras in your pocket, you don’t really need to worry about carrying and taking care of a ‘proper’ camera every time you go out. 

What’s more, is that you can go so much further with your iPhone as far as photography is concerned. After you’ve taken some photos that you want to post online, you don’t need to transfer them to your computer in order to edit them. Instead, you can use one of the many iPhone photo editing apps that are available to you. These apps are not just filters and effects but rather combine a vast array of editing features that you’re used to on more traditional desktop editors. 

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Best 75 Photo Books and How to Create Your Own

If you’re considering ways to make your photographs available to the public, you should definitely consider publishing a photo book. While exhibitions and social media can catch people’s attention faster than a photo book, they tend to be ephemeral tools. A photo book remains in the library, available at any time. It’s easy to share with friends and can be an excellent gift.

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EasyHDR Alternative

HDR technology aims to aid you in taking quality photos, in specified situations. These situations can be divided into three categories. Firstly we have landscape images that generally have loads of contrast between the land and sky. That makes it hard for most cameras to deal with. HDR enables you to take stunning detailed photos without making the land too dark when capturing the sky’s detail.

Secondly we have portraits in the sunlight. As harsh lighting on the face can cause details to vanish and produce bright glare among other unwanted features, HDR can tone down all this brightness make your images better. Continue reading


HDR in Mac Photos

HDR photography is a great way to capture scenes with tough lighting, particularly when dealing with static subjects like architecture, urban environments or landscapes. When taking a normal photo with oddly bright spots like a sunrise, either you can set your exposure for good highlights or good shadows. This means that one of these two important aspects of your photo gets compromised. Continue reading


Best HDR Mac App Store

HDR imaging technique adds much more dynamic range to photos that are otherwise lacking in detail. The phrase Dynamic Range refers to the ratio of light and dark values in a photo. Instead of taking a single photo, HDR merges three images taken at variable exposures. Later you may use an editing software to place those images collectively and highlight the greatest part of each photograph. Continue reading